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joi, 26 august 2010

YoonA promotes the use of ECO handkerchiefs

SNSD’s YoonA was recently chosen to become the model for a new Eco-handkerchief campaign.
This Eco-handkerchief campaign was part of Innisfree’s 10th anniversary celebrations where it seeks to pass the message of reducing the use of paper tissues and asks people to use handkerchiefs instead to save the earth. And with YoonA being the main model for Innisfree and a widely recognized celebrity in Korea, there was no better person than her to promote this.
Through a series of promotional photos, YoonA demonstrated the use of the campaign’s handerchiefs in 10 different scenes that would happen in daily life to everyone. For example, you can use a handkerchief after you wash your hands, wrapping a handkerchief around your drink, using it to wrap your gift, as a fashion accessory, etc in place of paper-related material.
YoonA expressed, “With this little action of using handkerchiefs in place of paper, we can save the enviroment and cut down on the number of trees being felled. I hope that by me actively participating in this campaign, I can help to get more people to join in and save the earth.”
An Eco-handerchief exhibition will be held from 28 – 29th August where 16 different handkerchief designs will be on display, and had been designed by YoonA herself together with 4 other designers. A handkerchief will be presented to those who visit this exhibition. There will also be a sale for these handkerchiefs in Innisfree stores and online in limited quantities from September onwards.

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