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vineri, 20 august 2010

Kim Hyun Joong 'The First Love Story' Shooting @ Hamana Lakeside Plaza


 [Fan Account] Under the Blazing Sun with Kim Hyun Joong
Report on 1st Love Story Shooting in Hamana Lakeside Plaza

I saw Leader at 7:30am when he was about to leave the hotel (Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka) . He waved his hands to the fans many times till when the car left the hotel.

I spotted him on the platform of Bullet train, Hikari leaving 8:40am from Osaka.

In the train, I was sitting two seats back from him. As he arrived at the platform 10 minutes before the departure time, there were already plenty of fans following him. He seemed tired; smile disappeared from his face, and therefore, I could not take a picture though I had a chance.

At Hamamatsu station now ! He seemed to have fallen into sleep immediately when the bullet train left Osaka. He always keeps a backpack with a Chinese hat (?) Mr. Kim, Director of DSP Media picked him up at the station. (It is said that he also attended BOF event as well)

The shooting of us (lucky enough to have been chosen for “extra” as guests to attend the wedding ceremony) started one hour later than expected. Poor children! They were required to walk again and again, scattering flower petals on the Virgin Road under blazing sun. When we heard everyone 

Now the shooting of Leader, dressed in tuxedo, started. When he stopped just in front of the virgin road, we lets go the balloons, then applause. He was also asked to do this again and again. However, in front of us, he said to us “Though it is hot, Kenchana ! Let’s work hard together ! “ or “ I’m ashamed” . Each time he stopped in front of us, he talked to us something. Before the director said “Ready! Action!,” he was so cute, but once we heard “Ready ! Action !”, he completely changed his face expression , becoming the character of the story, a real actor !!! We were so tired of applauding many times, but he made us laugh by gesturing “stop applauding” immediately after the voice of “cut” by the director.

The next was to shoot the scene Leader received a flower bouquet from a little girl. Leader accepted by kneeling in front of the girl. The girl tightly holds the index finger of Leader until she was asked to leave it. She was so nervous which Leader recognized, smiling at her to make her relax. During the “standby” hours, he made many pictures with children, staff, and so on.

There was no bride, but he acted as bridegroom, extending his hand to the “the bride” Contrary to the rehearsal scene, he made NG many times as he seemed to feel awkward, laughing himself, so cute ^^

During the waiting time, he answered to questions made by the fans. He also asked us where we were from. It was amazing that there were fans who came from Seoul. When a middle-aged lady called him “Oppa”, he seemed to get shocked, a bit angry ? However, we made fun, calling many times “Oppa “ He also went to the fans who were watching far as they were not extra. In this way, the shooting continued for three hours.

He repeatedly said “it’s hot !” He was always dressed in tuxedo even under the blazing sun but he always looked cool. I realized how hard the shooting is ! Each time we heard “cut”, we applauded him. When, the director said “Once more”, we shouted “ Fighting!” then he nodded, or laughed. When everything was finished, there was a big big applause.

Finally, a group photo session of 20 people. He made a thank you comments to the fans “ thank you for supporting the shooting, and thank you again for observing the don’ts “ Then a surprise gift from him !!! He shook hands with us one by one, with eye contact for each of us.

I was so lucky to be able to see him just in front of me, chatting, laughing together, so happy moment. He was so~~~~~ cool when he changed to an actor, “Ready ! Action !” He was really really, nice-looking , cool guy.

And here are photos of Hyun Joong @ Hamana Lakeside Plaza Hotel...

Here are some photos of Hamana Lakeside Plaza. Beautiful place!

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