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luni, 23 august 2010

BEAST delays comeback as Yoseob undergoes surgery

It was revealed that BEAST’s Yoseob has received inferior turbinate surgery recently .
For reference, inferior turbinate surgery is typically needed when your inferior turbinates become large and swollen. Inferior turbinates is one of three bony projections that stick out of a person’s breathing passage in their nose. When this area becomes large and swollen, it can lead to blockage of nasal breathing and discomfort. In addition, this condition is usually caused by allergies or irritating environmental exposure.
The idol’s affiliated management Cube Entertainment stated on the 24th, “Yang Yoseob always suffered from a light case of rhinitis (stuffy nose) but recently the case became worse and therefore received a surgery where he removed a small tumor from his nose. Because of his surgery, BEAST’s August comeback will be delayed.”
Yoseob has been preparing hard for this comeback so this was a hard decision to make, but because this surgery area was connected to vocal conditions, the surgery could not be delayed.
Cube Entertainment further continued, “Yoseob was hesitant about revealing his surgery status because it was a light procedure and he didn’t want to worry fans. However, he didn’t want keep fans waiting who believed that their comeback was coming soon. We will try our best to allow Yoseob to have a good rest after the surgery and help in his recovery.”
Meanwhile, BEAST members including Yoseob who are preparing hard for their upcoming album are currently actively appearing on various variety programs.

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