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duminică, 22 august 2010

Wang Biho takes on SHINee

Wang Biho threw darts once again on this week’s episode of KBS 2TV’s Gag Concert, and the SHINee boys were the victims.
Wang Biho (character played out by comedian Yoon Hyung Bin), started warming up by ‘attacking’ Key’s Mohican hairstyle:
“I heard that you grew out your hair a little bit. It’s the same hairstyle that I’ve once had before.”
As evidence, Wang Biho brought out two photos onto the stage: one of his past Mohican hairstyle, and the other of Key’s current hairstyle. The SHINee members and the rest of the audience erupted into laughter because both of their hairstyles do look strikingly similar.

As usual, Wang Biho didn’t stop here. He went on to continue ‘attacking’ SHINee’s latest track, Lucifer:
“‘Lucifer’ is a good song, but it’s a pity. It sounds similar to your guys’ past songs, except with a slight twist.”
Just a tip: never take Wang Biho’s words to heart. No matter how harsh some of his attacks may sound, they are all scripted. It’s all done for the sake of pure entertainment.


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