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joi, 9 septembrie 2010

Jay Park releases fan meeting X-file pictures

Talented solo artist Jay Park revealed previously unreleased pictures taken during his fan meeting via me2day.

The singer’s affiliated management Sidus HQ publicized these pictures of Jay on the 9th to give a better depiction of his fan meeting. Jay Park’s first fan meeting in Korea, titled “JAY PARK FAN MEETS Tour 2010″, took place at Seoul Sung Book Gyu Ahn Am Dong Goryuh college’s Hwajung gym. In these publicized pictures, Jay is shown relaxed and playing with his friends. Furthermore, Jay played with a provided white board as he drew with his friends at the resting area. He was also seen satisfying his hunger with chicken and banana.

After a brief moment of joking and fun, Jay was seen proceeding to the stage where the pictures capture his nervous expression. Along with a picture of Jay’s back before his approaching the stage were the words, “This is a picture that gives you the feeling of deep emotion and being touched. The moment of meeting the fans that have waited a long time…I must not be the only one who feels full of emotion at seeing Jay’s back ^^ Aside from the picture I can almost hear the harmony of shouts and cheers from the fans.”

Fans who viewed these pictures commented “I feel touched just looking at the pictures,” “Let’s deliciously eat a lot and gain a little bit of weight President Park” and “I recall the touched feelings I felt during the fan meeting again.”

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